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Maheder Foods

"ምግቦ እንደ ቤቶ"





Welcome To Maheder foods

We take pride in our quality food products and delivery service, thus our customers can always be assured that only the most experienced and certified peoples are serving them ,all the time.

Why Maheder foods



is a sole proprietorship company registered and licensed under the existing authorizing ministries in Ethiopia. Since 2012 maheder foods is working on quality food products such as Spices, stew, saws, powder e.t.c and deliver quality foods for the society

We are open


To be the leading food processing factory in African and world.


to provide our consumers a highest quality, healthy food and build trust of our products.

What we do

Our special dishes

Our restaurant

Our people are committed in the delivery of our Healthy Products to our customers. In order to ensure that everyone is equipped with the right skill, knowledge and attitude, a comprehensive training program is put in place to constantly upgrade our people in operational and processing skills.

We are open

7 days a week
12:00 - 12:00

Ethiopia , addis abab

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