We work to more of our cultural food because Ethiopian people loves their traditional food current we produce different Ethiopian traditional stew and sauce such us onion sauce ,chili sauce , Doro Wot , (a very popular national dish made of poultry meat) Potato Chips, different fasting Stew, Tomato ketchup, bread with different flavors’ and sizes, different type of spices powder with various flavors’ and we have 2 shopping and testing center and also we have dairy farm. we are giving catering service for meeting weeding, all kind of events, government offices cafeteria.we have plan to up scaling healthy and organic stew and sauce production.

Ethipoian Foods - Made with Love in Maheder Food Processing

ኩኪሶች - Kukise

ኩኪሶች- Kukise

ዶናት - Dounat

ክትፎ - Kitfo

Different Foods

የእንጀራ ላዛኛ

800 ብር

Ethiopian Enjera Lazagna

800 ETB

ድፎ ዳቦ

ሽሮ ወጥ


ቀይ ወጥ